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Never get locked out

Tips to never get locked out of your car or house again!

Whenever we are in a hurry, we tend to make horrible mistakes. For example, imagine yourself having to reach somewhere in less than 10 minutes. You hurriedly lock the door, step out of your house, and slam the door! Now, when you realize your grave mistake, you sit back and curse yourself. Well, nothing would happen by cursing yourself. The door that you’ve closed would not get opened.

Now, imagine yourself traveling on your car in the middle of the night, you feel thirsty and you immediately rush towards the shop, keeping the keys inside the car and locking it! What would you do in such a situation? Is there someone to rescue you in the deep night?

To be honest, once or twice, we all have been trapped in such dire situations. However, we need to always think regarding what should be our plan to tackle a bad situation like this! If you never thought about this earlier, let me help you today!

Today we’ll have a look at a few tips and tricks through which you’ll never have to spend time outside your car or home!

Let’s go!

  • Build a habit of checking your keys before leaving any place

It’s a very bad habit of us that we never concentrate on our important things while we are leaving a place. We should practice to always check our pockets or bags and ensure that we have kept the all-important keys that are the car keys and the home keys. Also, you can stick a note on your door which says to “Check Keys”. So, just as we read that note while going somewhere, we’ll immediately realize our mistake and we’ll try to mend our ways!

  • Hide a spare key at a secret location

We can hide the spare car keys and spare home keys at a secret location. However, the location should be easily accessible and we should not forget about that location. Plus, from time to time, we should keep on checking that location in order to make sure that no one has found it. Otherwise, our car and our home will be at a major risk.

Spare Key

Give spare keys to your friends

You can opt to give spare keys to your car and home to your friend. So, whenever you are trapped in a bad situation, your friend can come with the spare key and rescue you. Nonetheless, you need to make sure that your friend is fully trustworthy. If he/she is trustworthy, then there is no harm in giving your friend spare keys. But, sometimes your friend might also be busy. So, imagine when you are stuck and your friend is busy too!Spare Key

What will you do now? Well, don’t worry, call a competent locksmith company. They will arrive at your doorstep and will help you out. Just save the number of a reliable locksmith service company in your phone. From the next time, you’ll be trouble-free!