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Ignition Repair / Ignition Replacement

The Car is at the very center of modern living, and the Ignition is the heart of the Car. Problems with the Ignition can render the whole car useless, but repair/replacement needs specialists and special parts. We are acknowledged Masters of Locks of all types, and the Ignition switch falls under this category. Ignition Repair/Replacement is one of the niche areas of our Company’s huge spread of expertise, and we welcome all our Customers to try whenever they are in trouble.

Our Experts

Our superb Locksmiths are artisans par excellence and can tackle a majority of Ignition problems on the spot. Generally, with a repair or even with replacement, our attending Experts can carry out an Ignition Repair/Replacement within 20 to 30 minutes. The majority of Ignition assemblies these days are Auto Electric. The typical problems are listed below.

Common Ignition Switch Problems

Call us immediately, when the problems with Auto Ignition become critical and the following happens:

  • The car refuses to start even when the Key is turned.
  • The Key is jammed, and not turn. And even it does turn; it is with a lot of difficulties. This may mean a bad ignition switch.
  • Even when the Key is fully turned, the engine is not started.
  • Or, the car engine stalls, when the Key is turned.
  • There is a wild flickering of the Dashboard Lights.
  • The Ignition turns on but the engine will not crank. This may also be due to faulty key programming.

Ignition Repair,Ignition Replacement

The Cost of Repair/Replacement Ignition Switch

In general, the cost of getting the customer’s ignition switch repaired will be between $125 to $275. The cost of ignition replacement service will be between $195 to $450. The cost is depending on the type of the model, make, and year of the car.